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Mouse Haunt
3 min readOct 20, 2022


The most awaited Mouse Haunt feature is here, bringing players the opportunity to upgrade their NFTs and win more tokens than before! Level up has been in development for quite some time and we’re super excited to share it with you all. We worked hard to bring you something that is dynamic yet simple, colorful, and more importantly — fun!

To celebrate the launch of the Level Up, we are giving away Levels and Ranks for all players who log into the game during this month!


Well, yes! No one should miss the chance to log in and see their Mouse Heroes getting FREE XP 😆

The XP boost is to reward our loyal community members and will be on until the Ghost sales at the end of the month — we may turn it off sooner.

The XP boost is according to the following rules:

  • All Mouse Heroes that farmed at least 1 MHT in their lifetime are eligible;
  • Total XP given per players is proportional to total MHT farmed on their account since launch;
  • The total XP is then distributed to the player’s Mouse Heroes proportional to how much they have farmed in their lifetime;
  • Mouse Heroes outside of the player’s inventory (such as in Marketplace) are not eligible because they are not in the player’s wallet.
Gift is for a limited time — log in to claim your free levels

How to Level Up my NFT

This is a process done in-game and using the tokens that your Mouse Heroes and Ghosts just farmed.

Note that the MHT in-game used to level up wasn’t withdrawn to any wallet yet and can therefore be used seamlessly to upgrade your characters. Best of all, there are no fees to do so.

Simply click on your character and choose the option to “Level Up” on the down right. You can either choose to upgrade it to the next level or do a major shortcut to its maximum. Note that Levelling Up doesn’t mean they’re done growing! With a small infusion of MHT, you can Rank Up your characters, greatly increasing their stats and letting you level up all over again for better and better stats.

What happens if my in-game balance is not enough to upgrade a character?

The process of levelling up automatically uses MHT in-game to upgrade a character. But it’s very easy to deposit MHT into your in-game account as needed. This process is done either by transferring MHT from Metamask or by a direct purchase of MHT with BUSD.

Important: Tokens that you deposit in-game should be meant exclusively for levelling up and cannot be withdrawn afterwards.

Mouse Haunt deposit


  • Can all rarities reach the highest rank? Yes. Commons, Rares, Epics and Legendaries start their journey on “Wood” and reach “Awakened”, which is the highest rank.
  • What is the difference between an awakened Common and a Wood Legendary? An awakened common may farm more than a wood legendary, but a legendary will always make better synergies.
  • What happens with the MHT tokens used to buy levels? The tokens that you farmed vanish, while the tokens that you deposited using the deposit system go back to the recycling pool.
  • What are the Levels? Levels are numbered and go from 0 to 30.
  • What are the Ranks? Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Myst, Diamond, Scarlet, Gold Platinum, Gold Myst, and Awakened.
  • Whitepaper detailed info:



Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer Play-to-Earn game with an economy powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).