BUSD on-ramp and market expansion

Mouse Haunt
3 min readJul 8, 2022


The BUSD on-ramp marks the start of the Mouse Haunt expansion plan, which involves a series of actions to make our project more visible and accessible to everyone, including people outside the blockchain.

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step explanation of how the newest feature “BUSD on-ramp” works and an overall project update.

BUSD on-ramp: Allows users to perform marketplace purchases using BUSD

Before the implementation of this amazing feature, users could only be able to make purchases in our marketplace through Mouse Haunt Tokens (MHT).

The BUSD on-ramp will add a second option for users to interact with our marketplace, at the same time that the backend smoothly converts the user’s BUSD into MHT for the purchase. Of course, this incentivizes the use of our token — and that is what we want!

Note that this is not a switch between coins! It is a facilitating door for users to make purchases without the need to previously own MHT through a DEX (Pancake Swap) or CEX. This feature welcomes users who are not familiar with Pancake Swap or are just willing to take a fair shortcut.

And what does it mean for the Mouse Haunt Token? At the end of the day purchasing with MHT or with BUSD are equally positive to the price of the token as both mean the same thing in the blockchain! You can see the details below.

Please note that there is a 2% fee for purchases made through the BUSD on-ramp. This is to avoid price slippage (a.k.a. discrepancy between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is executed). The symbol “i” besides the price tag is there to remind users of this fee. The amount that is not used for slippage is recycled by going back to the treasury.

BUSD on-ramp mechanics: for nerds only

The screenshot below shows the blockchain transactions involved when a user uses our system. We will explain what each represent:

Line 1: BUSD going to smart contract

Line 2: Fee added to the BUSD

Line 3: Contract communicating with Pancake Swap

Line 4: Pancake Swap purchasing MHT

Line 5: Marketplace standard fee of 5% (paid by the seller)

Line 6: Value that the marketplace sends to the user

We are always listening to your suggestions and looking for ways to improve this amazing game! Speaking of that, the Castle Heist pvp development is at full steam and in the weeks to come you will witness the big improvements and new features that are being cooked by the team.

See you in the next milestone!



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