Celebrate Christmas with Mouse Haunt collectibles!

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4 min readDec 12, 2022

🎄Christmas is almost upon us!🎄

A small personal letter from the team:
It has been a very eventful period of time for us. We held many campaigns, feature releases, tournaments, and game updates. We’ve been working hard behind the curtains for something we truly believe in. And this is why the entire Mouse Haunt team would like to sincerely express our gratitude to the community. Thank you to all of you that continue to patiently support us in our journey to be the best Web 3 game in the world ❤️

Collect up to +30% global farming bonus

To celebrate the Holidays with the community, we are introducing a set of characters, only for this season: The Christmas Collection.

A total of 7 Christmas-themed NFTs will be available on our website from December 16th to January 06th, 2023. Each of these seasonal NFTs give you farming bonuses, so owning any of them is always useful.

farming bonus rate

Completing the collection unlocks a total of +30% global farming bonus that is, all of your NFTs will farm 30% more than what they used to until the end of the bonus period, March 31st 2023.

Start your collection before anyone else at mousehaunt.com/store !

Make sure to take advantage of the Stasher discount!!

Screenshot in-game (Lock and Load)

🦌On the hunt for the REINDEER

As the name implies, seasonal characters are special limited edition NFTs. All seasonal/holiday NFTs will be a series of their own. This season’s exclusive character is the Reindeer, and therefore it is the most important character in this collection.

Each character has a specific drop percentage. According to the table below, the reindeer has a 5% dropping rate, and there are only legendary reindeers:

drop rate xmas
Screenshot in store (mousehaunt.com/store)

Traits and Synergies

Characters from Collections have traits and form synergies with other characters following regular synergy rules.

Christmas outfits are not identical to regular outfits, meaning that a Legendary Christmas Santa does not have outfit conflicts with a regular Legendary Santa for example.

For the Christmas 2022 Collection, the outfits and traits available are:

Depending on this year’s Christmas release, more seasonal collections will be made to celebrate the various holidays and cultural festivals around the world.

Once again, we wish the entire MH community Happy Holidays!


What are the benefits of having Christmas Collection NFTs? Seasonal collectables have special properties such as Global Farming Bonus (up to 30%), Seasonal Art, Favorable Synergy Packs, and better Drop Rates. That is not all: we have plans to expand the seasonal collections and introduce permanent collector bonuses. Note that these items will not be sold again in the future — Christmas Boxes are only available until January 06th 2023 (you better not hibernate this winter!). The Christmas bonus farming will be up until March 31st 2023 so everyone can complete and benefit from their collection.

How do I complete my collection? There are 7 NFT slots to be completed. You can see how many you’ve completed by clicking at the Christmas icon on the top of the screen in game (Lock and Load). Each slot can be filled with a Mouse or a Ghost (there is a total of 14 NFTs, 7 Mice and 7 Ghosts).

Does the Christmas Box mint Christmas NFTs only? Yes.

I minted a Santa from a standard Ghost Box. Can I use it to complete my collection? No. Only characters minted from Xmas boxes are recognized as part of the collection.

How is the farming bonus applied? The farming bonus is applied when the tokens are ready for withdrawal, just like the Stasher bonus.



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