Dodgeball Arena: The first PVP Mouse Haunt game

Mouse Haunt
2 min readAug 31, 2022

A new party game is coming out with the surprising mechanics and twists from the original Castle Heist pvp mode!

In the last Medium article, we introduced the Game Release Structure, the second step of Mouse Haunt’s Market Expansion Plan.

What is the Market Expansion Plan? A series of actions to make our project more visible and accessible to everyone, including people outside the blockchain. It consists in phases, like a roadmap:

  • BUSD on-ramp✅
  • Game Release Structure✅
  • Website Revamp✅
  • Dodgeball Arena game
  • Project visibility and expansion
  • Appstore and Google Play release

These steps are part of the overall presentation revamp and milestones for the release of our main game mode Castle Heist, coming out later this year.

Dodgeball Arena

In pursuit of awesomeness, we would like to present a high-quality arena action game available for everyone in and outside the blockchain space!

The game is designed as a 3v3 arena action game, which allows players to battle as Mouse Heroes in an arena using flaming cannonballs. It is a free-to-play game with future play-to-earn mechanics centering around competition, dash abilities, and of course, player skills after death. Because just like the original Castle Heist, dead heroes become invisible Ghosts in the arena, being able to possess surrounding objects in order to haunt the remaining living mice from the opposing team. Ghosts are an important part of the game and can only possess cannonballs that bypass their ethereal workspace.

We are always listening to your suggestions and looking for ways to improve this amazing game! Game development is at full steam and in the weeks to come you will witness the big improvements and new features that are being cooked by the team.

See you in the next milestone!



Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer Play-to-Earn game with an economy powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).