Major project update for the community

  • The NFT swap is the next feature coming soon. It was suggested by the community and voted by the holders. Community is in the centre of our decisions.
  • Our goal with the NFT Level Up system is to give back to players who are playing the game, as you start with a weak NFT but the more you play, the stronger it gets. This is a stimulus to the guilds as well as the renting- lending system. Levels and Ranks do not reset when you sell the NFT therefore this feature benefits Lock & Load, Castle Heist, and the Marketplace.
  • The drop in the market is due to liquidity. Players who hold NFTs or MHT are currently stable.
  • We are currently testing the Mac build and will release the ios soon after its launch. Apple is always harder to develop but we are getting there.
  • Lock and Load pve will continue to exist after the launch of Castle Heist pvp — although being a benefit for early investors and not the original product. The final version of Mouse Haunt is going to be similar to a platform in which players choose which gamemode to interact with. Both auto-farm and multiplayer will be available.
  • So many Castle Heist leaks! We’ve got the network working, the gun shooting, user interface, and even the possession system which was demonstrated by a Mouse controlling and throwing castle objects around. We can also see some physics working as the candelabra bounces back when thrown at the wall instead of breaking.
  • You need a Ghost in order to play Castle Heist (of course! In the multiplayer gamemode Mouse Heroes die and come back as Ghosts). They will be able to farm in both gamemodes and are also divided into Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Important: The rarity of your ghost determines your early access to Castle Heist, so Legendary Ghosts owners will be able to help the devs to find bugs just like we did in the Alpha L&L launch. There will be a limited amount of Ghosts in the beginning.
  • The rarity of your NFT also determines how much MHT and MCheese you earn from playing. We will pair people up according to their rarities for a fair ecosystem in the pvp leagues.
  • MCheese is going to be an in-game currency so there is only one token for Web 3.0 investors (MHT) and one coin for traditional gamers (MCheese) to buy their skins, level up, and play in general. This has the potential to attract traditional players to Web 3.0 as they are already inside of the game. This hybrid model considers MHT as the most important currency.
  • There is 2018 Castle Heist streaming every Wednesday in our Discord. Stashers are welcome to play! Ping belladonna#9033 in the VIP chat to know more… We are also very active on Instagram stories where the team shows bits of their routine everyday!
  • Food for thought: Should we include bets in the pvp game? How about bets on players? Let us know what you think.



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Mouse Haunt

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Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer Play-to-Earn game with an economy powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).