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3 min readJun 28, 2022


NFT Swap is coming this week on June 30th :)
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The Mouse Haunt team is running across the Roadmap! In this article we provide details of our current position and highlight the upcoming chapters for Mouse Haunt, such as the NFT Level Up and Ghost sale.

Stay with us because there is a great update this week which will impact the marketplace and requires your attention.

Roadmap with new phases added

Roadmap Transparency

Mouse Haunt is currently in the third phase of the roadmap. The launch of the NFT Swap and Level Up concludes Phase 3 with a big golden key! It’s important to know that most missions displayed in Phase 4 are already in progress.

Right now, the team is dedicated to 4 main pillars:
- Increasing Mouse Haunt’s brand awareness and player-base by expanding to new markets.
- Developing a high quality main product — the multiplayer Castle Heist game.
- Increasing community engagement by hosting games and remaining in close contact with the team through social media.
- Benefiting MHT Stashers by providing social, economic, and in-game benefits.

The Marketplace’s backend update

This Thursday June 30th, the Engineering team will deploy a new blockchain smart contract for the Marketplace. That means updating Mouse Haunt’s backend structure to effectively integrate the NFT Swap, Level-Up, and Renting system.

The update will reset all open orders in the website, so we ask for players who are currently selling Mouse Heroes to be ready to put them up for sale again once the update is finished. We will notify everyone of our work’s timeline through official announcements (Discord and Telegram), so stay tuned!

The update will also fix the most curious configuration of our marketplace (and some will miss it for sure!). Now, Mouse Heroes will either farm OR be up for sale. Players won’t be able to play while their heroes are up for sale in the market as whenever a player creates an order the NFT migrates to a smart contract. If the order is executed, the NFT goes to the buyer’s wallet. If the order is cancelled by the seller, it goes back to the seller’s wallet.

This will successfully fix some problems such as buying a Mouse who is already exhausted because it spent the whole day looting on the previous owner’s gameplay. Yes, no one will buy exhausted mice anymore!

Developing with our hands and hearts: A message from our core team.

We would like to restate that Mouse Haunt is growing and will keep working hard regardless of the state of the market. The game, the community, and the new marketing efforts are the building blocks of this growing ecosystem that will emerge even higher with the next bull market.

The Ghost sale is coming soon with the access key for the multiplayer Castle Heist and we couldn’t be more excited — we hope you are as well!

Remember to stay in touch in the chats and ready for the marketplace update, which is essential for advancing in the roadmap.



Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer Play-to-Earn game with an economy powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).