MHT Membership: Benefits for May

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3 min readMay 11, 2022

Hello MHT Holders!

The first period of the MHT Holder Program is over and was a great success! Holders may expect to have their Airdrops sent to their wallets yesterday as promised.

Going forward, the team established the benefits for this month’s Membership period!

Benefits explained:

  • Airdrop: Following the airdrop benefit from last period, the value equivalent to 5% of your holdings will be airdropped to you on the beginning of next month. You can see the airdrop amounts on the table attached.
  • Farming bonus: similarly to the synergy bonus that you have in game, this percentage will increase your Mouse Hero’s farming ability! The farming bonus is related to your tier (the higher the tier, the higher the bonus). The amount of your farming bonus will be displayed next to the synergy bonus on the inventory screen of the game.

Tier F: 0%

Tier E: 0,5%

Tier D: 1%

Tier C: 1,5%

Tier B: 2%

Tier A: 2,5%

Tier S: 3%

Tier SS: 3,5%

  • Fly over camera: Tier A+ will have an exclusive in-game camera that is able to fly around the world of Lock and Load! You may see the surroundings of the castle first hand and enjoy the amazing views! This benefit is available roughly in the third week of May.
  • Rename your Mouse Hero: Tier SS is the only tier able to choose a name for their favourite Mouse Hero. I will personally name mine “Violet Belladonna the third”. Prepare your imagination and leave a mark in the project! This benefit is available at a later time as we develop an exclusive website page for the name changing.

Find out more about the program at


How do I register for the Membership program? Go to #verify-wallet channel on Discord and follow the instructions to get your tier verified by our bot “The Wizard”. If you do not use Discord, use

How do I know my tier? Your tier is the 30-days moving average of MHT present in your wallet. Our bot “The Wizard” will give you a special Discord role letter based on it (you can see mine when you click on my username, for example)

What if I use a different wallet to log into the game vs applying for the membership? We won’t be able to identify your wallet in game and the benefits will be affected. The system only allows one wallet per player, so you must have all of your assets in one place.

When will I have my benefits? You may expect more announcements with the dates throughout the period as the benefits are released! The prizes are currently approved by the team and are being worked on so things to happen in a timely manner.

What about the bonus Mouse Hero squad? The 3rd squad is set for the next period’s membership so stay tuned!

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