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3 min readDec 9, 2022


join us!

Today we announce the launching of our Ambassador Program for all who want to contribute to the game. Our goal is to work with individuals who would actively contribute to the expansion of our global community, spread awareness and educate about Mouse Haunt.

ALL skill sets are welcome here. You can be a video content creator, a blog writer, someone who has many friends who share the same interests… Don’t be intimidated! Every media is valid to attract nice people to Mouse Haunt.

Benefits and Rewards:

The program is designed to reward you each time a number of users join our community using your custom invite link.

Prizes table

How to be a Mouse Ambassador:

We would like to invite everyone to participate in our ambassador program and invite players to be part of an amazing community.

  • Create a Discord custom invite link and send it to belladonna#9033 — she will get it personalized with your name.
  • Use your personalized invite to welcome friends and followers to Mouse Haunt. They must verify their accounts and enjoy our project.
  • Open a ticket to get your Ambassador Discord role (tag Bella if possible).
  • Access the private channel #mouse_ambassador and follow your progress through the Invite Leaderboard.
  • Continue inviting using your custom link. Reach higher levels, get rewarded each step of the way!


I already invited some people to MH’s Discord using my custom link before the Ambassador program was created. Are those points valid? Yes! Invites are points no matter when you made them. Make sure to claim your prizes! (Ps. retroactive points do not apply for the MH marketing staff).

How do I create an invite link? Follow the steps below. Make sure that the link shows a mixture of letters and numbers by assigning a “never” expiration date and a limit of “100 users”. If you want the link to be personalized with your name instead of letters and numbers, send it over to Bella.

When and how can I receive my prizes? Follow the prize table for a measure of how many invites you must have to receive each reward. The official leaderboard will be updated twice a month at the ambassador’s channel. Don’t worry, you will be notified to claim your prize!

How do you verify cheaters? The invite tracker considers “false” all accounts that were created recently and/or that were already previously in the server, so you cannot create multiple accounts from 0 nor tell your friends to join and leave the server over and over to get points. Bots are not tracked either. Besides that, there are a number of ways to verify who you are inviting and when. For example, if I see that you invited 20 members on the same day I will want to verify the authenticity of your media, so if you invited those people through a video on YT for example, I need to watch the video. This program is made with love to benefit both of us so cheaters are not tolerated.



Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer Play-to-Earn game with an economy powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).