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3 min readNov 6, 2021

Whitelist 1: Mouse Heroes & $MHT

Mouse Haunt Universe, it is time.

The Founder Sale will be available for the 1000 players selected from our first whitelist. Thank you very much for supporting Mouse Haunt from the very beginning!

Selected users will have guaranteed allocation on the Founder Sale. That’s right folks, we want to make it fair to everyone who supported and helped our universe grow from the start.

We would love to introduce you to our Mouse Hero Booster packs. These smelly hungry coffins carry powerful Mouse Heroes needed to conquer the Ancient Cheese of Yore.

Only 8250 Legendary and 66000 Epic Boosters will ever be minted in all of the Mouse Haunt Universe. In this Founder Sale, we will release 2000 Legendary boosters and 6000 Epic boosters at a discount price, so don’t sleep on the clock and quickly get your hands on these mighty heroes!

This is one of the last times you will be able to purchase Mouse Heroes without using $MHT. After IGO the only way possible to acquire NFTs in the Mouse Haunt universe will be using $MHT. So be wise to get your hands on some.

The boosters you purchase will be available on your wallet right away, they are BEP-20 Tokens and you will be able to unpack them after IGO.

$MHT purchased will give you a claim counter on the website and you will receive 8% on IGO and the remaining unlocked over 12 months.

We are creating a long-term focused ecosystem, our sales will continue to be based on whitelists with the amount of wallets accepted increasing.

When can you make your purchases? This week!!
Stay tuned to our social medias for the full purchase schedule.

Legendary Mouse Hero

Price: $250 BUSD

Max per whitelisted wallet: 2 Legendary Heroes

  • Probabilities: 100% chance get a Legendary Mouse Hero NFT
  • #Legendary Mouse Hero boosters available for sale: 2000/8250

Epic Mouse Hero

Price: $75 BUSD

  • Max per whitelisted wallet: 6 Epic Heroes
  • Probabilities: 99% chance get an Epic Mouse Hero NFT and 1% chance a Legendary Mouse Hero NFT
  • #Epic Mouse Hero boosters available for sale: 6000/66000

$Mouse Haunt Token

Private Sale Price: $0.15 BUSD

  • Min purchase per whitelisted wallet: $75 BUSD
  • Max purchase per whitelisted wallet: $600 BUSD
  • $MHT available for sale: 4,000,000 (4.00% of total $MHT supply)

Token Release Schedule

  • % Unlocked at IDO: 8%
  • Vesting periods: 12 months

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Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer Play-to-Earn game with an economy powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).