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2 min readAug 9, 2022


Our game release structure marks the second step of the Mouse Haunt market expansion plan, which involves a series of actions to make our project more visible and accessible to everyone, including people outside the blockchain.

Game release structure and its calculated stages

The image below provides information on the game development progress following a timeline (from left to right) as well as who has access to these releases. Note that this structure is subject to change at any time.

Subject to change:)

Dodgeball: We’d like to introduce an amazing mini-game coming to the Mouse universe! In Dodgeball Arena, players fight each other in an arena hitting with balls, bullets and furniture. All players start as mice and by getting “tagged” (killed), they become ghosts!

It’s the first time that features such as the possession of objects, physics, and respawning as Ghosts are being made in Unreal 5 so we are very proud of our amazing devs! Dodgeball is promising to be super fun for everyone: both Web 3.0 players and Web 2.0 players, getting us visibility from other players and influencers from the traditional market — which is in the center of the market expansion plan.

Castle Heist Alpha: This version of Castle Heist pvp is only available for events inside of our community (mainly on Discord). We are still working on tournament organization styles so any feedback is welcome!

Early Access: There are two types of early access passes for this gameplay: Tickets and keys. Tickets give access to the play-and-earn aspects of the game, while keys are used for players are more interested in the gameplay but not necessarily in earning. The pathways to obtain these passes will be revealed as we approach this stage.

Open Beta: The classic multiplayer Mouse Haunt Castle Heist coming to life!

We are always listening to your suggestions and looking for ways to improve this amazing game! Game development is at full steam and in the weeks to come you will witness the big improvements and new features that are being cooked by the team.

See you in the next milestone!



Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer Play-to-Earn game with an economy powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).