Mouse Haunt Stashing is here!

New vs old MHT stashing:

Before: You held your tokens in your wallet and your tier was calculated as the moving average of 30 days. This was calculated by a bot.

How the tier system works:

The vision is simple: You can invest more for less time or invest less for more time for the same tier. See the table below for the detailed options:

Table interpretation:

  • Purple: MHT amount
  • Blue: Days stashed
  • White: Tier letter
  • Pink: Highest tier.

Start and end of the stashing period:

  • The period starts when you lock the tokens and ends when the amount of days expire, marking the end of the contract.
  • Holders have 24 hours to relocate the tokens otherwise the contract starts again and they are locked for another period. For example, if the player locks 1000 MHT for 30 days (tier E) and doesn’t withdraw it after these 30 days upon the contract expiration, the tokens will be re-stashed for another 30-days period so that the player doesn’t lose their Tier.
  • The renovated contract is independent from the older contract, therefore in the situation above the player’s tier remains at Tier E.
  • The secret is that if you want to go up tiers, you can add more tokens into new contracts! You must add the proper amount of MHT while the period is running. For example, a player can add 500 MHT on a new contract that runs parallel to the previously locked 1000 MHT to go up a tier.


  1. What are the benefits of the Mouse Haunt Stashing?
Mouse Haunt Stashing benefits



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Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt


Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer Play-to-Earn game with an economy powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).