NFT Level-up is coming!

Mouse Haunt
2 min readJun 16, 2022


Something is happening in the Haunted Castle… Mouse Heroes are noticing some changes in the way they experience life itself! For every second that they spend hunting for ghosts and MHT, they feel more and more powerful.

The more experience the Mouse Heroes have in the field, the stronger they get. They increase in farm rate, stamina and, best of all, stats for the upcoming Castle Heist game mode.

Behold the NFT Level up system!

What is the NFT Level Up?

All of the valuable Mouse Haunt NFTs are about to get even better. Our Heroes and the upcoming Ghost Villains have gained two new abilities — Levelling up and Ranking up.

The more you use your NFTs, the faster they level up.

Once the NFT reaches the max level of 30, players can increase its Rank and make it much stronger and more powerful in their abilities. Ranking up resets the Levels but keeps the benefits, so you can keep upgrading your NFTs for longer!

Mouse Heroes in Lock and Load (pve) will farm more and have more stamina, while Ghosts in Castle Heist (pvp) will be better mice hunters. This will also mean better quality of life, so you can have Epic Heroes with more stamina so that they match the Legendary Heroes and you can keep synergy going for longer!

Level Up system UI-UX in progress

Why and How should I upgrade my Mouse Hero?

Upgrading their levels and ranks give more market value to the NFT so it’s a win-win for both the buyer and the seller.

The experience points (XP) to level up your Heroes can be purchased using in-game MHT. You can also get XP by farming time in the game, so players have the opportunity to make their own level-up strategy: either by playing more or taking a nice shortcut by reinvesting.

The new system is going to be here for us soon, stay tuned for more information on both our community on Discord and social media!

The moon is made of cheese, and we are going as fast as a rocket!



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