Our ghosts are invading DYGYCON

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2 min readJul 14, 2022


Good news, Mouse Haunters!

This story actually begins with one of our players, named Draygyn, and his wonderful sense of community. Draygyn sent us a DM last month stating that he is a big fan of both Mouse Haunt and Splinterlands (of which we are too!). He introduced us to this amazing virtual event that was happening in the next month and that we could be part of. Draygyn was right in reaching out to us. Now, we are officially sponsoring DYGYCON!

What is DYGYCON?

A metaverse-type of event hosted by our friends from Splinterlands. This virtual space resembles the real world where you explore the convention using your own avatar.

The team is working on the design of our booth right now!

WHEN and HOW to join Mouse Haunt in this event?

Everyone is welcome to visit our booth FOR FREE from Friday, July 15th to Sunday, July 17th.

The link to join DYGYCON is https://inverse.app/events/62a0791f36049c25d8d0ff58

Our booth is located at the Splinterlands room, you’ll find it easily by entering in the area and looking straight, to your left!

Many activities await!

oh yeah!

  • Ghost auction: For the first time in Mouse history, we are auctioning the first 3 Legendary GHOST boosters ever. The 3 lucky Ghost owners also win an Early Access ticket for Castle Heist.
  • Access the Ghost auction here: https://mousehaunt.com/marketplace/auction?utm_source=dygycon&utm_medium=medium
  • Scavenger Hunt: Your avatar will have small quests to do during the event. Complete them all and win prizes!
Scavenger Hunt map
  • Live Presentation: Our CEO, Pedro D’Andrea, will be there for a special talk for all DYGYCON users on Saturday 18:30 UTC.
  • Chat room: Located in the welcome room. Make sure to log in during our Staff Schedule time to talk to us there in our own Mouse Haunters chat room!

Staff schedule (we are online during those times)
Friday 15th
Zelda: 2pm — 3pm UTC & 9pm — 10pm UTC

Saturday 16th
Kyoni: 4pm — 5pm UTC
Bella and Pedro: 6h20pm — 7h20pm UTC

Sunday 17th
Murillo: 6pm — 7pm UTC

See y’all there!



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