The First Ghost Villain Sale — Oct 27

Mouse Haunt
3 min readOct 24, 2022

“The baron of Yore was a fat mouse obsessed with eternal life, and used dark magic to create an eternal cheese that would always keep him alive. But the dark magic consumed the baron and he was transmitted to the cheese, being trapped forever inside what would be known as the Fragrant Cheese of Yore.

The essence of the baron of Yore kept growing inside the cheese, transforming into a putrid, green mass that lingered in the air inside of the castle. From this putrid mass full of dark magic grew ethereal things (ghosts!) that would protect their magical source of power as if it was their master: The Stench.”

-Mouse Haunt lore

The Ghost squad

From next week onwards, players of Lock and Load (PVE) will see that a fourth squad option was added to their game, including the option to mix Ghosts and Mouse Heroes on the squads that already existed. The squads are therefore:

1st- Mouse-only Squad

2nd- Mouse or Ghost (or a mix of the two)

3rd- Mouse or Ghost (or a mix of the two) for Stashers

4th- Ghost-only squad

Mixing Mouse Heroes and Ghosts is beneficial for synergies ;)

Ghosts have a higher base farm, better synergy bonuses and are stronger in higher synergy combinations.

The Ghost Villains’ base farm depends on their rarity, with Common having the lowest base farm and Legendary having the highest. The strongest of Ghosts can reach 300% the base farm of Mouse Heroes (oh wow!).

When we compare Ghost Villains to Mouse Heroes, we can conclude that Ghosts with lower rarities (Common and Rare) contribute less to synergies, while higher rarities Ghosts (Epics and Legendary) contribute more.

Limited time bundles

The Ghost bundles will be available for a limited time. They come with special items that won’t be sold on the marketplace individually (at least not this year). The items range from upgrade potions to mysterious chests with character customizations. This is what makes the bundles worth it:

  • Rank Up Potion: advances any character to a higher rank
  • Mouse Soul Extractor: converts a mouse NFT into a Ghost NFT
  • Trait Reroll: assigns new traits for a character in search of synergies
  • Mysterious Chests (Rare, Epic and Legendary): customization items
  • Access Tickets (Diamond and Platinum): P2E early access on Dodgeball
  • See more about each item here


  1. If Ghosts farm more, should I sell my Mouse Heroes? No. It’s good to have both and not limit yourself to one or the other since they have different advantages. For example, Mouse heroes have their own squad in Lock and Load and are better at making synergies with lower rarities.
  2. Will Ghosts have the same ranks/levels/rarities as we see in mice? Yes.
  3. Can we choose the Ghosts’ traits? No. Ghosts come with pre-determined traits and personality, like Mouse Heroes.
  4. Is there a bonus % in the Ghost-only squad? Ghosts naturally farm more than Mouse Heroes, but there is no extra bonus on the squad itself.
  5. Can I buy a Bundle with MHT? This option is only available for Stashers, who can use their MHT in-game, and if needed, stashers can complement the value with MHT from their Metamask.
  6. Is there more than 1 type of bundle? Yes. There are 6 different bundles that you can choose from, with different content inside. There are 4 ghost-only bundles and 2 Mixed bundles, and all of them have a different proportion of special items. The Mouse Soul Extractor is exclusive to higher-end bundles.
  7. What is the bundle’s price range? All pricing and details for each bundle will be available on Oct 27 2022.
  8. Ghost Contracts:
    BMHVC (Cursed Box): 0xEB96FB66F1394D4F0ca115d3311F7042cd1BB285 BMHVR (Rare Ghost Box): 0x6d1c5c3E83F8fF226b0b19986AdA364d819606F6 BMHVE (Epic Ghost Box): 0xF97C704E45DDff19AD5bD0811b940A82Bf6bd8d5 BMHVL (Legendary Ghost Box): 0xC5d0d5bf3201a06612F98373c4a5987213d9dF63
    MHG (Ghost Villain NFT): 0xf6b71ED72902c3292d9034FAE475e725f3B2a78b



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