We Just Burned 146,100 $MHT

Mouse Haunt
2 min readMay 18, 2022


Burning Event in the website

Mouse Hero NFT Sale

On May 05th, we dropped a number of Mouse Heroes in the market so players had access to different traits and cool synergies, which were a challenge to find (especially for new players). The drop made it easier for new and old players to find the perfect Mouse Heroes and build a synergized squad, maximizing their farm rate.

Burning Event Success

The market drop received the name of Burning Event as all Mouse Haunt Tokens (MHT) and fees profited from it would be burned, decreasing the total supply of MHT and therefore increasing its value in the long term. The community contributed almost 150k MHT to be burned, as well as benefited their Mouse squads with the new NFTs. We saw a great amount of players showcasing their completed squads in the public chats!

Burning 146,100 $MHT

We are excited to announce that we have made our first burn of 146,100 $MHT! This is just the first of many upcoming MHT burning events that are planned to reduce the total supply of Mouse Haunt’s governance token. You can take a look at the profit burning transaction here and the fees burning over here and stay tuned for more upcoming MHT burning events!

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Mouse Haunt

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