We just burned 3.5M tokens

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2 min readNov 25, 2022

Ghost sale recap

On October 27th, we introduced the beloved Ghost Villains for the first time in our game. Players took advantage of the incredible ghost bundles available in the website for different price points, and went crazy with the new consumables (the most popular being the trait reroll). The sale ended on November 14th, completing 3 weeks of Ghosts and haunted events.

The feedback from the community in the first week of sales was so positive that it contributed to an extra (community made) bundle option: The Lite Bundle.

3 weeks of Haunted Events

If it wasn’t for the community, none of this would’ve happened! Thank you everyone who joined the:

  • Rank Up your Ghost Competition, which had its winner @idrjoe chosen during the live event on Discord.
  • Free levels and ranks in game, which rewarded everyone who logged into our PVE game Lock and Load since the release of the new feature “Level Up”.
  • BURNING EVENT, which burned 1.500 MHT every time someone purchased a ghost box.

Burning 3.5M MHT

The burning event was a major success, accumulating 3.5 MILLION tokens burned live by our CTO, @Kozika. You can see the event’s highlights here.

Burning tokens decrease the total supply of MHT and therefore increase its value in the long term. This is the second of many upcoming MHT burning events that are planned to reduce the total supply of Mouse Haunt’s governance token. Thank you, Mouse Haunters!

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