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Incredible rewards are reserved for the truly brave. In Mouse Haunt, only the most fearless mice can get the cheese.

Experience this new competitive Play to Earn game and a new world of dazzling possibilities in Mouse Haunt!

In addition to offering good earning possibilities, Mouse Haunt has fun as its main purpose.

Here fun is the main objective, and the reward is a fun consequence of that.

But what is Mouse Haunt?

Mouse Haunt is a 3D isometric team based multiplayer game created by Isoforce Games and supported by Leeroy Pad team.

With an asymmetric game proposal, in which players face each other using different resources, Mouse Haunt brings new styles of play and invites players to create strategies in a new and unusual way.

In this revolutionary game, players can play as the heroes, as the villains and as the architects of the castles.

The first version of the game was presented in a private test in 2019. Since then the game has been improved for the Play to Earn market.

Mouse Haunt is being made on Unreal Engine 5 to create a comfortable and visually pleasing experience for gamers.

In Mouse Haunt you can play as a Mouse or a Ghost

In Mouse Haunt we have two teams, the Mouse Heroes and the Ghosts.

While the objective of the Mice Heroes is to put their little paws on the cheese, the objective of the ghosts is to prevent them from making it. To accomplish their goals, the two have many different tricks.

The Mice Heroes have unique abilities that can help them unlock the castle’s paths and secrets alive.

Ghosts can own and use all of the castle’s belongings to deter explorers. They manage to own furniture and bring to life every statue, bookcase, oven, and object in the castle.

The big difference in the game is when a mouse dies. Instead of losing, he now continues to play like a ghost and has to quickly adapt his strategy to keep accumulating points.

Mouse Haunt will have multiple Play to Earn features

Mouse Haunt will have a robust blockchain based economy.

The game itself runs off-chain, but is integrated with a crosschain structure that will allow game Tokens to be purchased across multiple Blockchains.

At first the game will use the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network.

In Mouse Haunt players will be able to collect NFTs, farm tokens, breed characters and build levels to earn money!

In addition to having fun with an unconventional game, you can also be rewarded for the time invested in Mouse Haunt.

Mouse Haunt has a Blockchain based economy

To ensure a fair and transparent Play to Earn experience, the entire Mouse Haunt economy is established on the Blockchain.

Game currencies are Tokens and characters and items are NFTs.We want to create a strong, long-lasting economy for the Mouse Haunt Universe.

To do this we will launch two fungible tokens, one that is deflationary and has finite supply — Mouse Haunt Token ($MHT) — and the other that is inflationary and has an infinite supply — Mouse Cheese ($MCHEESE).

The $MHT will be used to buy the first NFTs in the game, and it can also be used in a Stake system that will be released soon.

$MHT Holders will also be able to actively participate in decisions about the future of the game. This ensures that the game’s development is done in an inclusive way, taking into account the players’ needs.

You can play and invest in Mouse Haunt

If you don’t have time to play Mouse Haunt, you can invest and rent your NFTs for other players to use.

This means you can also play Mouse Haunt even if you don’t have the money to invest in a team. Just rent NFTs and put your skills to use!

The game will also feature a Breeding system, so players will be able to create new NFTs to supply the growing market demand.

More details about this will be coming soon!

Mouse Haunt was created by game lovers for game lovers

Mouse Haunt is a project created and supported by very talented professionals. All madly in love with the gaming market

The game was first presented in 2019 as a conclusion work for VFS — Vancouver Film School, one of the biggest references in teaching modeling, animation and game design in the world!

At the time, Mouse Haunt won several awards and a lot of attention in the field. Since then, the game has been prepared and adapted for the Play to Earn!

The game’s creators and developers, Pedro Camacho and Matheus Vilano have experience in AAA studios, and found Blockchain to be the ideal opportunity to make their game accessible and relevant to many!

Now, a huge team of game lovers and Blockchain enthusiasts are working around the clock to make this big dream come true.

We have a lot of plans for the future of Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt will be a new universe with several game modes. After releasing the first PvE and PvP modes, we plan to sell castles so players can customize their own levels and create their own challenges.

We also have a Tower Defense mode planned for later, plus many more surprises yet to be revealed along the way.

We are just getting started. Keep an eye on our official publications so you don’t miss any news!

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Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer Play-to-Earn game with an economy powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).